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This issue of the newsletter is dedicated to "Policy : Merging Health & Society".
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Policy : Merging Health & Society 
Economies and  European Partnerships 

Happening Across Europe at a Glance

Other News
  • The EMA undertakes important reviews for drugs
  • The EU moves ahead with limiting endocrine-disrupting chemicals
  • ENVI Committee discusses EU actions for cross-border healthcare
  • Calls for Proposals 
Policy : merging health & society

Economies & European partnerships 
The European Commission calls for closer collaboration for links between health and society. Following the recent launch of the newly proposed structure by Mrs. Von der Leyden: College of Commissioners, it has been proposed that the Commission moves two units medical devices and pharmaceuticals from the DG GROW to DG SANTE.  

Mrs. Von der Leyden’s mission letter for Health calls for the assigned Commissioner-designate,  Stella Kyriakides to work on top priorities for the European Commission and Member States. Reference is made to the new regulatory framework on medical devices; the creation of a European Health Data Space to promote data exchange; action on Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan; and the full implementation of the European One Health Action Plan against Antimicrobial Resistance.

Notably research will now be under a broader portfolio on “Innovation & Youth” requiring regular investments in the area on disruptive research and breakthrough innovations, including the area of a true European Research Area.  However, some concerns have been expressed by MEPs relating to the merging of research and education within the portfolio.

Another notable change, underscoring modifications to the previous design, can be observed through the EU Health Programme that is being assimilated into the European Social Fund + . The current EU Health Programme runs until 2020. However, a new approach is being set out for the upcoming programme, due to begin in 2021. It will no longer be a stand-alone programme but will be a strand of the European Social Plus (ESF+).

Differentiating between the EU Public Health and Healthcare policies 

With regard to Public Health priorities, the European Public Health Alliance has presented the EU Public Health Policies study. One of the authors point out these policies are often confused and does not capture the full extent of public health. More precisely this can be noticed in the definition of public health given by the WHO which includes wellbeing and not just the absence of disease.

The opportunity to promote public health lies in a wide range of policy areas and not only those that oversee health systems or health care delivery. Read about Mrs. Von der Leyden’s mission letter to Commissioner-designate on health here
"The importance of partnerships: an ethical duty, not a matter of good will."
- Dr. Kluge, WHO Regional Director Europe 
WHO Press release 

Germany >>

Health insurers call for CAR-T collaboration
An initiative to open innovation centres for the development of CAR-T treatments has been presented to innovation centres. Read more here

Orphan drugs continue to gain ground in Germany 
The  Drug Prescriptions Report 2019 finds that new drugs serve narrow patient populations driving much of spending.
Germany prevents governmental role in HTA
Giving government a role in HTA for the first time, lawmakers in the Bundestag removed a provision in the draft law that would have given Health Minister Jens Spahn veto power over Germany’s Federal Joint Committee. Read more

France >>  
An analysis the Cancer Observatory of the Curie Institute of the study credits this concern to increasing costs of treatments as they believe this prevents progress and innovation being implemented.
Prime Minister Edouard Phillippe has announced a plan to “significantly increase” the fines the government imposes on manufacturers during a medicine shortage to disincentivise poor production. Read more
>> announces plans to suspend the export of 172 drugs in anticipation of shortages. Read more
Sweden >> has joined talks to join the Dutch “International horizon scanning collaboration” to plan strategies in advance to finance therapies, well before they are on the market Read more

The EMA undertakes important reviews of drugs  

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) will review ranitidine medicines, antacid medicines used to treat and prevent conditions caused by excess stomach acid. 

Read more 

The EU moves ahead with limiting endocrine-disrupting chemicals 

The EC published final guidelines from the Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks, on September 9. The document analyses risks and benefits of phthalates, a component of plastic products in medical devices. Under the rules for EU's medical devices, the concentration of phthalates may exceed a particular level. 

Read more

ENVI Committee discusses EU actions for cross-border healthcare

On September 4, the ENVI Committee held an exchange of views with the European Court of Auditors on the special report "EU actions for cross-border healthcare: significant ambitions but improved management skills required". The report assessed the results of the implementation of Cross-border Healthcare Directive in Member States and EU actions in the field of rare diseases focusing on the creation of the European Reference Networks (ERNs).

Read more

Calls for Proposals 
IMI2 – Calls 18 & 19   

Call 18: two-stage  
Stage two submission deadline : 26 March 2020

Call 19: a single-stage restricted call designed for existing successful IMI consortia
Stage 2 : submission deadline: 26 March 2020


For a list calls on the topics under the Euratom Research and Training Programme click here
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