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This issue of the newsletter is dedicated to Integrated Care.
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Integrated Care
Happening across Europe at a glance

Other news
  • Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
  • The European Health Forum Gastein Award 2018   
  • Check out the video - Global Impact in Radiotherapy in Oncology 
  • World Health Organisation (WHO) kicks off global initiative to treat children with cancer
  • European cancer research gets £30 million funding support 
  • Calls for Proposals 


 A roadmap to outcomes-based cancer care  


In partnership with ESTRO, the Integrated Care Alliance (ICA) has recently launched the multi-stakeholder digital health roadmap outlining drivers for integrated care.
“Integrated care is a concept bringing together inputs, delivery, management and organisation of services related to diagnosis, treatment, care, rehabilitation and health promotion. Integration is a means to improve services in relation to access, quality, user satisfaction and efficiency."  
-World Health Organisation (WHO)

Encompassing clinical, social and technical challenges, integrated care requires stronger collaboration. ICA outlines that, building dynamic care models that take into consideration all stakeholders’ objectives can:
1)      Help patients and care providers work as coordinated team
2)      Accelerate Clinical Decision making and Decision Support System
3)      Support Personalised and Integrated health and social care
4)      Increase and manage costs more effectively
In Europe, many services have been created to help citizens, however, these are separated into different organisational clusters such as health, social care and delivered by institutions independently without wider coordination. The proposal for the European Social Fund plus (ESF +) that merges several existing EU funds, including the EU Health Programme within a single pillar on “investing in people and social cohesion,” is currently being reviewed. Meantime the European Commission’s single digital market initiative underpins that with the help of technical information systems and technologies care can be offered in an integrated way.
Models require carefully drafted roadmaps, carried out by sound political leadership to develop national, regional and local communities in the promotion of sustainable health, interoperable technologies and solutions to incentivise lasting impact. The implementation of a multi-stakeholder pathway leads to better collective care and coordination, in compliance with national guidelines and context. Moreover, it emphasises healthy community through increased multi-sector collaboration and stakeholder engagement, calling for policy makers’ close attention to promote coordinated care, prioritising outcome-based cancer care to the best benefits of patients.


 Happening across Europe at a glance 

Check out how Cancer Research supports radiation research in the UK!
>>Launch of the Radiation Research Network (Cancer Research UK RadNet) Read more

Cancer strategy will have major part in the UK NHS spending plans
>>On 3 October, prime minister Theresa May announced that that this will be a central part of the government’s long-term plan for the NHS Read more

Denmark and Norway sign joint drug purchasing agreement
>>On 18 September it was announced by the Danish ministry that the countries have signed a joint agreement to conduct joint negotiations on high cost drugs Read more

Europe leads the world in cancer deaths
As global cancer deaths are on the rise despite prevention efforts, Europe is first amongst all regions of the world according to WHO Read more
>> Global cancer statistics 2018: GLOBOCAN estimates of incidence and mortality worldwide for 36 cancers in 185 countries Read more

Global Policy Lab: "Decoding Cancer"
>> An initiative launched by industry a "collaborative journalism" project managed by the EU media outlet Politico, a series of newsletters staring this October will look at barriers facing cancer researchers to speed up innovation, piloting in Germany followed by France and Romania in the first series Read more

"Outcomes measurement is seen by many within the oncology community as an exciting opportunity to have a more patient-centric approach to care, and to allow healthcare providers to make informed decisions based on patient current needs and historical research. However, we need to now move the discussion beyond simple expression of aspiration and into the practicalities of how. The results of this research exercise provide excellent advice to decisionmakers about the next steps in the journey towards comprehensive outcomes measurement."

Philip Poortmans, President of ECCO, Head of Department of Radiation Oncology at Institut Curie -
Ensemble Hospitalier

Health Technology Assessment (HTA)   

On 3 October, the European Parliament adopted the Environment Public Health and Food Safety committee (ENVI) report on the Commission’s proposed EU regulation on (HTA). This is an excellent opportunity to address the gap and fragmentation of HTA systems across Europe reducing disparities in the region.

Read more

The European Health Forum Gastein Award 2018    

Presented at the European Health Forum Gastein 3-5 October, the European Cancer Patient's Bill of Rights (BoR)  was selected by the jury panel. The initiative was devised specifically to address cancer inequalities across Europe.  It was launched in the European Parliament, as a catalyst for change, underpinning an equal partnership between cancer patients and healthcare professionals to deliver improved outcomes for European citizens.   

The Marie Curie Campaign was shortlisted for the award. 

Check out the video - Global Impact in Radiotherapy in Oncology  

Save one million lives by 2035

GIRO: Global Impact of Radiotherapy in Oncology 
World Health Organisation (WHO) kicks off global initiative to treat children with cancer  

The WHO will develop a technical package to improve national health systems, providing further support to the radiation oncology community in outlining the gaps in radiotherapy availability and capacity across Europe.  Concretely, WHO will support governments to assess current capacities in cancer diagnosis and treatment including the availability of medicines and technologies; set and cost priority cancer diagnosis and treatment programmes; and integrate childhood cancer into national strategies, health benefits packages and social insurance schemes.  Read more 

Related reports from the WHO:
Health systems respond to noncommunicable diseases: time for ambition (2018)

European cancer research gets £30 million funding support  


Illustrating how support lasts during the wake of the BREXIT negotiations, this initiative aims to show how EU organisations continue collaborations driving research forward: “to lay the groundwork for a Europe and UK research pipeline, boosting the life science industry.” Funding comes from 3 major cancer charities: Cancer Research UK in partnership with two major cancer research charities, the Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro (AIRC) Italy and Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (FC AECC) Spain, under a 5-year “Accelerator Award” programme.

Read more

Calls for Proposals 
  H2020-MSCA-RR-2018: MSCA for researchers at risk deadline December 4 2018
MSCA-ITN_2019: Innovative Training Networks deadline January 15 2019
MSCA-RISE 2019: Research and Innovation Staff Exchange deadline April 2 2019
MSCA-COFUND 2019: Co-funding of regional, national and international programmes deadline April 4 2019
SC1-DTH-01-2019: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for monitoring health status and quality of life after cancer treatment deadline April 24 2019

For a list calls on the topics of Nuclear Fission, Fusion and Radiation Protection Research here.
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