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This issue of the newsletter is dedicated to Changing the Global Radiation Therapy Paradigm.
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Changing the Global Radiation Therapy Paradigm
Updates ESTRO National Societies Network

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  • The European Cancer Information System (ECIS) now available! 
  • Affecting over 30 million European citizens, what is EU doing to help the fight against rare and complex diseases? 
  • Study on cross-border healthcare: Empowering National Contact Points (NCPs) to help patients exercise their rights 
  • Calls for Proposals




Filling the gap in cancer care in underserved regions worldwide requires global collaboration and concerted efforts to share creative ideas, pool talents and develop sustainable support from governments, industry, academia and non-governmental organisations. Recently published and made available online in the Green Journal of Oncology, an article on "Changing the Global Radiation Therapy Paradigm." In an effort to support the reduction of the global cancer burden as part of the United National Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the International Cancer Experts Corps (ICEC) organized a workshop on the "Design Characteristics and Implementation of a Novel Linear Accelerator for Challenging Environments," hosted by the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN). 

The emphasis is on innovative radiation oncology technology potentials: radiation therapy is an essential component for curative and palliative cancer care and the global community needs to build capacity, around which regional cancer and health care programmes can be established. Improvement and innovation in the combination of technology and processes used to deliver radiotherapy in low- and middle- income countries, along with collaborative approaches, need to happen to address the gap in global cancer care. 

The article highlights positive capacities for global collaboration ad transformation of cancer care, further highlighting it as "and opportunity for a leadership role for health care professionals to create common bonds among nations."

Read and download the full article here until 25 October.

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Changing the global #radiation #therapy paradigm: read the results of the workshop organised by @ICECcancer and @CERN highlighting innovation #radiationoncology potentials 

Updates ESTRO National Societies Network 

The ESTRO National Societies are at the forefront of this exciting opportunity to strengthen cross-border ties and collaborations. Therefore, the ESTRO committee is excited to see this developed and host the next National Societies meeting in Milan at ESTRO 38, where the National Society representatives will have the possibility to present their activities; share and advance the dialogue with stakeholders across the European region. We take the opportunity, to THANK YOU for all the applications received and look forward to sharing more news on this and the results of the Survey disseminated to better understand how ESTRO can support local communities in collaboration with you.  

Again, we  look forward to sharing with you the activities, collaborating on research projects and strengthening the multidisciplinary partnership resulting in the best benefits of radiotherapy service provision to all European citizens, and together with your help, increase the lay level of knowledge.
We remain committed to the European community, as much as our valuable exchange and partnerships with many of you, in your respective countries.

Warm regards, 

On behalf of the National Societies Committee


"Now, more than ever there is need for a global commitment to drive policy and implementation of what we already know to push the fight against cancer to w whole new level. Action taken by every person, organisation, and government will reduce the burden of cancer. On World Cancer Day, we must show that cancer is Not Beyond Us."

Mary Gospodarowicz, UICC Immediate-Past President, Medical Director of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre at the University Health Network

The European Cancer Information System (ECIS) now available! 

This tool can be used to monitor the cancer burden in Europe. It compiles statistics across geographical patterns, incident trends, mortality and survival data across regions, gender and age.
Read more and access the tool 

Introducing the ECIS system
Affecting over 30 000 European citizens, what is EU doing to help the fight against rare and complex diseases?   

The European Reference Networks (ERNs) for rare and complex diseases has released an exclusive and innovative cross-border platform for specialists for the diagnoses and treatment for rare or low-prevalence complex diseases. 

Check out the video available with subtitles in different European languages.

Study on the cross-border healthcare: Empowering National Contact Points (NCPs) to help patients exercise their rights 

Read the results of the study on enhancing information to patients here.

Calls for Proposals 
  IMI2-2018-15-04: Emerging translational safety technologies and tools for interrogating human immuno-biology deadline October 24 2018
H2020-MSCA-RR-2018: MSCA for researchers at risk deadline December 4 2018
MSCA-ITN_2019: Innovative Training Networks deadline January 15 2019
MSCA-RISE 2019: Research and Innovation Staff Exchange deadline April 2 2019
MSCA-COFUND 2019: Co-funding of regional, national and international programmes deadline April 4 2019
SC1-DTH-01-2019: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for monitoring health status and quality of life after cancer treatment deadline April 24 2019

For a list calls on the topics of Nuclear Fission, Fusion and Radiation Protection Research here.
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